After the dispute between Sony and Marvel: Will Spider-Man remain part of the MCU?

These contractual obligations could stand in the way

by Pierre Lorenz on July 10, 2019

Due to contractual obligations between Sony and Marvel, it is currently questionable

whether Spider Man FFH can and will continue to be part of the MCU despite the sensational

success of Spider Man. Now The well-informed reporter Richard Rushfield brings some light

into the darkness with his new newsletter The Ankler. According to the current information,

the agreement between Sony and Marvel includes that Marvel will have creative control and

Sony financial control over the solo films featuring Tom Holland. According to Rushfield, the

existing contract between the two megacorporations stipulates that if the $1 billion mark is

cracked, the contract will automatically be extended for a third film. If this were not the

case, Sony would have full control over Spider Man and Peter Parker would no longer be

part of the MCU.

So if you believe this information from Rushfield, the chances of extending the contract are

not so bad for Marvel. To reach the 1 billion dollar mark, Spider Man FFH needs only a little

over 300 million US dollars. In view of the fact that the film has only been shown in cinemas

for a week, it is more than likely that they will loosely pass the one billion dollar mark.

We are curious to see how quickly this will happen and look forward to further

announcements about the future of Spider Man.

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