Breaking Bad movie: Is this where Aaron Paul announces the upcoming release?

This photo divides the fan community

by Pierre Lorenz on July 3, 2019

Since the beginning of the year it is confirmed that there will be a Netflix exclusive Breaking

Bad film with director and creator Vince Gilligan.

According to some fans Aaron Paul now seems to have spread a rumour, as he posts a

snapshot of himself and Bryan Cranston on Twitter with the caption "Even sooner".

However, this looks more like a souvenir photo from a vacation than after the

announcement of a shooting start anytime soon. Many fans clearly see the last one in it.

Anna Gunn, who plays Walter White's wife Skyler in the series, gives the all-clear in an

interview with The One Show. According to their information it's only an advertisement for a

Tequila that will be released soon.

However, it's also questionable whether she, if she knew something, would also reveal it,

since when she was asked if she will be part of the new film, she answered that it was a


So you can speculate what the picture is all about, but you shouldn't get your hopes up too

high until we get some official news soon.

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