"Greenland: Migration": Sequel to the Motion Picture Has Been Announced

It looks like both the returning actors as well as the storyline have already been decided

by Pierre Lorenz on June 16, 2021

In terms of content, the action thriller "Greenland" is about a giant comet that is heading for the earth. Contrary to the claims of many scientists, the orb does not burn up. Instead, a single fragment of the comet is enough to destroy the entire state of Florida. The evacuation of a number of selected people, including the main character John Garrity and his family, quickly begins. From a military base, the selected group of people is then to be taken to Greenland, as there lies the only chance of survival. In a huge riot, the family is eventually torn apart and faces the almost impossible task of finding themselves amongst the mob of looters and protesters. It's a thrilling story that was well received despite its digital only US release due to the pandemic, and it still paid off at the box office in some countries where the movie did hit theaters. Next, the plot of Part 2 will be discussed, thus viewers who have not yet seen the first part should skip the news due to the risk of spoilers. The sequel under the official name "Greenland: Migration" picks up directly at the end of the forerunner and deals with the further proceedings of the Garrity family who narrowly escaped death. Following their stay in Greenland, the three set out to find a new home in a completely devastated Europe. Not only will actors Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin return for the sequel, but so will the duo of director Ric Roman Waugh and Chris Sparling. When exactly "Greenland: Migration" will be released is still unknown, but of course we will keep you up to date on further news.

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