Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: James Wan Gives Clues About The Plot

Filming has also now started

by Pierre Lorenz on June 29, 2021

After we recently learned that the upcoming "Aquaman" sequel will be called "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom", director James Wan posted another hint about the film's plot on social media. As we previously reported, judging by the title, "Aquaman 2" will most likely revolve around the missing seventh kingdom. In connection with Wan's post from the set, which also marks the shooting start of the DC sequel, and the "Necrus" seen on the clapperboard, the story is now slowly but surely taking more concrete shape. Necrus is certainly a reference to the Atlantic city of the same name, which emerges from the seas only irregularly and never in the same place. This city also has a malevolent ruler named Mongo, for whom we can perfectly imagine "Game Of Thrones" villain Pilou Asbæk, who signed on in April. In any case, we are happy that filming has now started and we are eagerly awaiting the release on December 16, 2022. 

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