Deadpool 3: New Picture of Wade Wilson and Dogpool Released

The film is due to be released in movie theaters on July 26, 2024

by Jonas Reichel on December 5, 2023

Ugly or cute, that's the question: Deadpool 3 is back with a new image! In addition to Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, we also get to see his new sidekick Dogpool.

His verdict on Instragram:

"Looks like avocado. Tastes like dog shit."

Dogpool has previously made appearances in several "Deadpool" comics and is a member of the Deadpool Corps. His distinctive appearance is the result of experiments with cosmetics, which eventually mutated him and gave him the power of self-healing.

After "Deadpool 3" had a more than messy first production phase, shooting is now back in progress. We can therefore expect some new impressions from the film set in the near future. In addition to Dogpool, other heroes will also be featured in "Deadpool 3": alongside Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Elektra, played by Jennifer Garner, will also make an appearance. There are also rumors of a reunion with Ben Affleck's Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Gambit.

Fun chaos appears to be inevitable: We look forward to the hopefully final theatrical release date of "Deadpool 3" on July 26, 2024!

Image of I Am Legend 2, Dogpool in Deadpool 3, Barbie: Ken Spin-Off