Attack on Titan: Anime Gets Release Date for Season 4 Finale

The last episodes will be released in two parts

by Pierre Lorenz on January 18, 2023

The Japanese anime "Attack on Titan" has been running since 2013 and has so far managed to impress many fans around the globe. The series revolves around the young Eren Yeager, who witnesses his hometown being destroyed and his mother being killed. He vows revenge and makes it his mission to free the Earth from the gigantic, humanoid Titans who are responsible for the destruction.

Currently, the series is in the midst of the final fourth season, which has been regularly expanded since December 2020. After a year of waiting since the last episode, those responsible now published a trailer via Twitter as well as the information that the ultimate finale of the last season will be released in two parts. There are also persistent rumors that a feature film will be released after the end of the fourth season, which will then finally bring the series to a close.

Starting on March 4, 2023, we will know more, as the first part of the finale will then be released, which will certainly provide answers to some questions. The present format is rumored to change as well. So we can possibly expect a total of only two more long episodes.

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