Daredevil: Marvel Boss Kevin Feige with Clear Statement on the Main Actor

The rumor about the cast had persisted for a long time anyway

by Pierre Lorenz on December 7, 2021

In an interview with Cinemablend this week, Marvel boss Kevin Feige dropped the bombshell about "Daredevil", which has been up in the air for some time. Feige made it clear that for him only Charlie Cox is an option as the lead actor. Where, how and especially when that would happen, the president of Marvel Studios, known for his great secrecy, of course did not want to reveal. Especially fans of the Netflix series with Charlie Cox are likely to be pleased, after all, the story around the blind lawyer Matt Murdock and his special abilities, which he uses for good, thrilled many fans in a total of three seasons. The timing of the announcement is, to all appearances, precisely calculated, since "Spider-Man: No Way Home" will be released next week, where a possible appearance of Daredevil has been causing rumors to circulate for a long time. The version of Daredevil that Charlie Cox will then play in the MCU in the future is quite likely to be different from the one he held at Netflix. The events of the three seasons will therefore possibly be completely ignored, since the multiverse at least offers enough possibilities for this. What will happen to the other actors from the series and when Daredevil will actually return to the MCU remains to be seen. In any case, we advise you to keep your eyes open for "Spider-Man: No Way Home", which will be released next week. 

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