Rumor: Disney Plans a "Kingdom Hearts" Animated Film

There were originally talks of a series adaptation

by Jonas Reichel on April 30, 2024

With over 35 million games sold, several novels and a wide range of merchandise, the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise is a huge success. The series has enjoyed continued popularity for over 20 years so far. A film adaptation is now set to follow, for which Disney could once again team up with developer Square Enix.

The rumor comes from industry insider TheDisInsider, who commented on the plans during a Q&A session. The popular action series, in which a number of characters from the world of Disney and the "Final Fantasy" universe come together, could actually be adapted for the big screen in the form of an animated movie.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that rumors about a "Kingdom Hearts" adaptation have circulated. Back in 2020, Emre Kaya, editor-in-chief of the Vulcan Reporter, shared similar information. At the time, it was said that a series for Disney+ was in the works, for which Square Enix was to create a pilot using the Unreal Engine - meaning it would be completely CGI-based. But it seems that plans have since changed.

On X, fans have already expressed their first wishes as to what the plot of a potential movie may look like: Some emphasized the importance of faithfully recreating the unique style and characters from the game. Others hope that the storyline will go beyond the events of the first game and appeal to a wider audience.

In spite of all the excitement, we should keep in mind that these are only rumors. There is no official confirmation from Disney as of yet.

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