After unusual cinema release: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" on the finishing line

The estimates support the film with Tom Holland

by Pierre Lorenz on July 3, 2019

Unusually a new movie has been running in the USA since Tuesday instead of Friday as usual

and this movie is Spiderman FFH and it is looking like the Marvel Blockbuster will break

some records.

Already on the first day of the US release, the film earned a fabulous 39.2 MIO dollars, which

marks a new North American record, because never a Tuesday release has never earned so

much money before. Spider Man FFH is thus outperforming its predecessor The Amazing

Spiderman from 2012 with a difference of about 4 million US dollars.

It is estimated that the 125 million dollar mark will be cracked in the US by Sunday and there

are even some estimates that Spider Man FFH will be the first film in the series to crack the

billion dollar mark.

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