"The Witcher: Blood Origin": First Teaser Shows New Characters

Also in production are Season 3, a children's series and an animated film

by Pierre Lorenz on December 21, 2021

The second season of "The Witcher" kicked off on Netflix a few days ago, and now there is already new material on one of the countless projects from the Witcher universe. We are talking about the spin-off series "The Witcher: Blood Origin", which is planned to be released next year. The content is about the creation of the very first Witcher on the occasion of the Conjunction of the Spheres, which caused the worlds of elves, humans and other creatures to mix 1200 years before the main story. In order to stop the roaming monsters, cruel experiments were conducted on children to create a super mutant to combat the outside threat. As we already know, this endeavor cost many childrens' lives, since not everyone is cut out to become a witcher. Netflix released a teaser that gives us a first glimpse into the conflicted story. It is not yet clear when exactly "The Witcher: Blood Origin" will be released, it is merely being said that the series is expected to come out next year. 

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