The Suicide Squad: John Cena gets his own spin-off series

"Peacemaker" appears exclusively on HBO Max

by Pierre Lorenz on September 23, 2020

With a recent tweet, wrestler and actor John Cena announces a new series about his character Peacemaker from the upcoming "The Suicide Squad" film. The project will feature eight episodes and will be a mixture of action, adventure and comedy. None other than "The Suicide Squad" creator James Gunn is responsible for the script and the 54-year-old will also be involved in directing some episodes. As it is often the case, there are still very few details known about the series at the moment, but in this specific case this will probably have to be related to the fact that "The Suicide Squad" hasn't even been released in the cinema yet. Besides "Gotham PD", "Peacemaker" would be the second HBO Max series from DC and it can be assumed that the DC universe will be significantly expanded in the future on HBO Max. The shooting of "Peacemaker" is expected to start early next year, which makes a release at the end of 2021 seem quite realistic.

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