El Camino: This character from the series is back

"Skinny Pete" is also back in the game

by Pierre Lorenz on October 18, 2019

Already from 11 October 2019 you can stream the new Breaking Bad Film El Camino on Netflix. Aaron Paul who was one of the main actors of the series, but also the supporting character Badger, played by Matt Jones will be part of it.

Many of you might have remembered him from the series, since the actions of the foolish little criminal will surely have caused some Breaking Bad fans to get frustrated. In addition, the character of Skinny Pete, who was shown in an interrogation scene in the trailer, will also return. The big question, of course, is whether Walter White will be seen again, even though he didn't leave the last episode of the series alive. A few appearances in flashbacks are quite possible, though not 100% certain. We assume that we will get to see another trailer before the release on October 11th anyway, which will perhaps answer some unsettled questions.

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