Lethal Weapon: Mel Gibson Wants to Take Up Sequel to Cult Series

Unfortunately, the original filmmaker Richard Donner recently passed away

by Pierre Lorenz on November 17, 2021

He worked on the script for the fifth part until the very end, but unfortunately he passed away in July this year. The talk is about filmmaker Richard Donner of course, who not only created "Lethal Weapon" but is also responsible for the cult movies "Superman", "Scrooged" and "The Goonies". Despite his impressive age of 91, Donner insisted on continuing to write the script for "Lethal Weapon 5" because he felt it was his duty to complete the series. After his passing, many had already dismissed the idea of a late sequel, but now there is good news for "Lethal Weapon" fans. At a fan event in London, Hollywood star Mel Gibson announced that he had already spoken with "The Goonies" star Corey Feldman regarding said sequel, and that even Richard Donner himself had encouraged him during his lifetime to direct the film should he pass away. The decision was therefore easy for him to make, especially since Donner's script is said to have been quite developed. Gibson should also have enough "Lethal Weapon" experience, after all he played the lead role four times between 1987 and 1998 together with Danny Glover. The plot itself is still top secret and we hope that filming will begin soon under Gibson's direction. 

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