Sonic The Hedgehog 2 in the works? That's what director Jeff Fowler says

Director Jeff Fowler considers many possibilities for the story

by Pierre Lorenz on April 29, 2020

Since the "Sonic The Hedgehog" movie was able to celebrate worldwide success after its release, the question of a successor was logical. Especially the change of the main character as a reaction to the devastating comments in the social networks have earned the movie a lot of promotion and popularity. In an interview with USA Today, director Jeff Fowler spoke about a potential successor. When asked what the sequel would look like, Fowler replied that if he had the chance, he would immediately direct a second part. Not only would a sequel be possible that was related to the first part in terms of content, but also the option of creating a completely new story was possible. Fowler adds that there are so many characters to tell a story about and that he would like to do more with the Sonic film universe.

Box office analyst Jeff Bock also says that Sonic The Hedgehog is just getting started, as Paramount Studios is in desperate need of new franchises. He expects an official announcement as soon as things return to more normal worldwide. There are many conceivable options for sequels whose main character is not Sonic himself. Among others, stories with Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose or Shadow would be imaginable. Especially Tails is a possible sequel, after all the fox even had an appearance in the Sonic movie.

However, it remains to be seen until the Hollywood machinery will start moving again after the pandemic, a prior announcement is considered unlikely.

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