A classic returns: "Conan -The Barbarian" series in progress

The rights are now fully owned by Netflix

by Pierre Lorenz on October 1, 2020

Apart from Markus Nispel's rather fluffed remake from 2011, "Conan -The Barbarian" is without question one of the classics of the film world. According to deadline, streaming services have been trying to get the rights for quite some time, first it was Amazon's turn, but now Netflix has secured the rights. The streaming giant has big plans for the franchise, they are currently looking for a director and screenwriter for a potential series, but also want to focus on other projects from the "Conan" universe in the future. An agreement between Netflix and Conan Properties International makes this possible. It is now also clear that the Amazon series with "Game Of Thrones" director Miguel Sapochnik, which was announced a few years ago, was of course definitively rejected by the Netflix deal. It will be exciting to see what Netflix will turn it into and we look forward to receiving more information about the new "Conan" series.

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