"The Accountant 2" Starts Filming This Year

Ben Affleck will reprise his role

by Jonas Reichel on January 30, 2024

It has now been 8 years since Ben Affleck won over critics and fans in his role as a battle-hardened accountant. Now a sequel seems to be coming soon, as part 2 is due to go into production this year.

The action thriller "The Accountant" was not only very popular among audiences, but also proved to be extremely profitable. With a relatively modest budget of 44 million dollars, the movie grossed over 155 million dollars worldwide. Although a sequel has already been announced in 2021, the project really seems to be gathering pace now: As Deadline reports, filming is set to begin as early as this year, which makes a release in 2025 a possibility.

Ben Affleck will be back in front of the camera as Christian Wolff for part 2, directed by Gavin O'Connor. In the CinemaBlend podcast, O'Connor revealed that he could even imagine a third part, which, in his own words, would be a "Rain Man on steroids". Since the character Brax, played by Jon Bernthal, is set to play a bigger role in "The Accountant 2", the actor's return is almost certain. Whether Anna Kendrick will also join the project remains to be seen.

In addition to "The Accountant 2", Affleck will also be working on the kidnap thriller "Animals" this year, which he is directing himself. In the lead role is his buddy Matt Damon.

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