Zack Snyder's Justice League 2: What Could A Sequel Look Like?

Zack Snyder lessens hopes for a sequel, though

by Pierre Lorenz on March 18, 2021

Finally, the long-awaited Snyder Cut of "Justice League" has been released! Director Zack Snyder spoke with IGN and revealed a few more details. For instance, his project is said to conclude with an ending sequence that is quite similar to that of the original cut. Moreover, in addition to the already released six chapters, there will be a kind of epilogue that will stretch over 20-25 minutes and will be called "A Father Twice Over". Despite the "massive cliffhanger", as Snyder himself calls the ending, a sequel is not planned, however, partly due to Warner Bros.' apparent reluctance to do so. 

Obviously, this steals the thunder from any theories about a sequel that have been circulating in the past. That doesn't mean though, that there isn't enough material for a sequel. Snyder himself recently philosophized in the New York Times about Superman finally succumbing to the Anti-Life-Equation and the Flash thereupon traveling back in time to rectify the events in the interests of the Justice League members. Rudiments of this are said to already be visible in the epilogue of the Snyder cut, in which some heroes and villains join forces on the Darkseid-controlled Earth. In a sequel, Darkseid would then have fought the armies of the world just as he did thousands of years ago. The grand finale would be all the world's forces joining together to fight the last great battle against the villain. 

The film has been available worldwide since Thursday, have you seen it yet? If so, we look forward to a spoiler-free discussion with you in the comments down below!

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