Good news: "Wonder Woman 1984" is scheduled for a release later this year

In the US, a hybrid of cinema screening and stream is planned

by Pierre Lorenz on November 20, 2020

This year was really not a good one for the film industry. After the numerous cinema closures, Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" was launched in the summer as a kind of attempt by Hollywood to see if people were willing to go to the movies despite the difficult situation. This was unfortunately not the case and "Tenet" generated less income than was hoped for. The consequences were far-reaching, because in the period after that almost all the films planned for 2020 were postponed, in some cases indefinitely. The only ray of hope this year is "Wonder Woman 1984", for which many already expected a postponement. But this is not supposed to happen, since WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar reaffirmed that the film will definitely be released in cinemas and will also be available free of charge on HBO Max. The latter is of course only interesting for countries that have access to HBO Max, because in all other countries the film will even be released in the cinemas on December 16, while a release is planned for the USA on December 25.

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