How to Train Your Dragon: Here are the Leading Actors of the Live Action Film Adaptation

A "The Last of Us" star is also involved

by Pierre Lorenz on May 31, 2023

In 2010, "How to Train Your Dragon", the first of a total of three very successful animated films, was released in cinemas. Fans have been waiting for new footage for several years now, and it looks like the time might be coming soon. At least as far as the cast is concerned, the production seems to be making some progress and according to latest reports, there is even a "The Last of Us" star involved.

That animated movies can indeed be successfully adapted into live-action versions has been demonstrated several times in recent years. But there is also the other side of the coin: Many fans are rather skeptical about such projects, in particular with regard to those from Disney. Whether rival Universal can be convincing in this respect, is something we will see with the live-action adaptation of "How to Train Your Dragon".

The cast of the two main human characters has now been announced. While "The Black Phone" actor Mason Thames will take on the role of the lovable Hiccup, Nico Parker will slip into the role of Astrid. Parker is already known from HBO's "The Last of Us" series, where she plays the daughter of protagonist Joel. According to current information, Parker will not only be a mere companion to her husband, but will also show off her dragon training skills.

The script and directing of the remake will be done by Dean DeBlois, who was also in charge of the old films and the animated classic "Lilo & Stitch". This will be his first live-action movie. Shooting for the live-action remake of "How to Train Your Dragon" will start this summer, with a theatrical release scheduled for March 14, 2025.

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