New season: "The Umbrella Academy" enters its third round

Finally, the new cast members have been revealed

by Pierre Lorenz on January 12, 2021

After the second season of "The Umbrella Academy" ended with a great twist, fans are now eagerly awaiting the new characters in season 3. A total of seven new characters are going to be introduced in the upcoming season, including Justin Cornwell as Marcus, Justin H. Min as Ben, Britne Oldford as Fei and many others. Among the members of Sparrow Academy, there is also the floating cube, whose identity raised questions after the season finale. By significantly altering the past, the group around Luther Hargreeves and Co. created a new timeline in which foster-father Sir Reginald Hargreeves chose completely different children for his academy and created Sparrow Academy instead of Umbrella Academy. It is not yet clear when exactly the third season of the Netflix series will be released, but production will definitely start as early as next month.

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