After the end of the "Game Of Thrones" saga: What happens now?

Conclusive end through new spin-offs?

by Pierre Lorenz on May 24, 2019

The last episode of the GoT saga was released last week. So one of the biggest and most

popular series of all time is finished forever. But that doesn't mean that it will be quiet now

around the song of ice and fire.

On the one hand, a documentary on HBO will be released today, May 26th, which takes a

look behind the scenes of the eighth season.

In addition, there are also various spin-offs and follow-up series in progress. According to a

blog post by George RR Martin, there are currently three of them, with The Long Night

currently the most advanced. this one will be about a story that takes place in the age of

heroes, about 8000 years before the main GoT plot.

Nothing is yet known about the other two follow-up series.

Last but not least there are the last two books from Martin's song of ice and fire, namely The

winds of winter and a dream of spring.

Many fans who were disappointed by the eighth season might find their long awaited and

coherent end of the saga when the books are released.

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