Vin Diesel Returns for Riddick 4: Furya

Also present is a former director of the movie series

by Pierre Lorenz on February 13, 2023

Hollywood star Vin Diesel has been known for many years, above all for his involvement in the popular "Fast & Furious" franchise. He first played the character of Dom Toretto in 2001, and now, over two decades later, he is starring in the last two installments of "Fast & Furious 10 & 11", bringing the film series to a close. What is often overlooked in the process is that even before the first part, Diesel was already starring in another, now also well-known movie series, namely "Pitch Black". The first of three installments was released in 2000 and laid the groundwork for "The Chronicles of Riddick".

For many years now, people have been waiting for a fourth part of the brutal science fiction film series around the anti-hero Richard B. Riddick. Then, just a few days ago, to the joy of many fans, the fourth installment was officially announced with the title "Riddick: Furya". According to the official synopsis, the lead character is supposed to return to his homeworld, although he no longer has any memories of it. On site, he meets other Furyans, whose existence is threatened by a new mutual enemy. Riddick also discovers that he probably has more in common with these Furyans than he initially thinks.

Besides Vin Diesel, who has been regularly promoting a "Riddick 4" for some time now, director and screenwriter David Twohy is also coming back to direct, as he did for the previous installments. The 67-year-old's announced goal is to explore the origins of the protagonist in more detail.

Whether Diesel and Twohy will succeed in attracting audiences back to the cinema more than ten years after the rather average third part remains to be seen. A release date has not been set as of yet.

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