First plot details on the "Lord of the Rings"-Amazon series leaked!

Initially, Amazon did not want to comment on the storyline yet

by Pierre Lorenz on January 13, 2021

We have known for quite some time that Amazon is producing a gigantic "Lord of the Rings" series. What has been communicated very cautiously since then, however, is information concerning the story, and that despite the fact that filming has already been underway since last fall. has now published a bit of information about the series. It is well-known that the story is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth. Included in the report is talk of unlikely heroes, falling and rising kingdoms, and the greatest villain ever to emerge from Tolkien's pen. This refers to, as you can probably guess, Sauron. Further, it is said that the series will begin in a peaceful age, in which a cast of familiar as well as new characters will oppose the ever-increasing evil and embrace a huge world around the Misty Mountains, the elf-capital of Lindon, the kingdom of Númenor along with the furthest reaches of the map. Thus, assuming the information is correct, we are indeed dealing with a gigantic story about the prehistory of the Rings. Actress Morfydd Clark might very well be right in her claim that the series can keep up with Marvel in terms of scope. At any rate, all of us are already looking forward to the upcoming Amazon series and are eagerly anticipating the end of the year, when the giant project will be available on Amazon Prime.

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