A New "Chucky" Movie is in the Making

A veteran of the franchise is back on board

by Jonas Reichel on March 28, 2024

The killer doll returns: five years after the remake of "Child's Play", another movie is in the pipeline to complement the TV series, according to franchise creator Don Mancini.

And Mancini already has a very specific idea: in the Scream Dreams podcast, he revealed that he would like to send "Chucky" into space - provided the fans show interest. As bizarre as the idea sounds, a trip to the stars is not at all unusual for long-running horror franchises: We recall "Jason X", "Leprechaun 4" or "Hellraiser 4".

A lack of fan support should not really be an issue, as the "Child's Play" franchise has been enjoying great popularity for 36 years now. Mancini's continued involvement is also likely to be well received. He last directed "Cult of Chucky", which was released in 2017.

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