THESE are DC's plans for the coming years

Other standalone films such as "Joker" could be a substantial part of future projects

by Pierre Lorenz on November 28, 2019

In contrast to its competitor Marvel, things didn't go so well for DC in the past, both at the box office and with critics and fans. However, the recent release of the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix has changed this, as he received both first-class reviews and box-office takings beyond the one billion dollar mark. DC's plan for the future is to continue to produce films that stand alone. In addition, Bad Robots, a company owned by successful producer J J Abrams, has won a first-look deal with Warner.

As Variety reports, there has probably already been a meeting with Abrams. It's also said to have been about the role of Black Panther actor Michael B Jordan as a possible new Superman. If the rumors are true, he would inherit Henry Cavill in his role, who in the past has often stressed that he would like to return as Superman. Whether Michael B Jordan will be his successor at the end of the day is of course not yet officially decided. Before that he

will be seen in Black Panther 2 anyway, which makes a possible release of the Superman movie before 2023 very unlikely.

But there are also completely different plans in DCEU, because according to Variety there are also spinoffs to The Batman and Birds of Prey in the room at the moment. Allegedly there are already some contracts with the actors, so that in the future you could see Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler or Colin Farrel as Penguin in a solo movie. Also at the top of the studio's wish list are the Green Lantern Corps and The Flash, both of which haven't made much progress in the past. The next planned DC movies are Birds of Prey on February 07 and Wonder Woman 1984 on June 05, 2020.

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