Pictures on Twitter show the impressive world of "Avatar 2"

Two familiar faces also return

by Pierre Lorenz on January 6, 2020

After Avengers: Endgame, James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar is the most successful

cinema film of all time, with box office takings of 2.7 billion US dollars. No wonder, that the

Avatar brand still holds a certain fascination - even though it was released more than 10

years ago. Now new concept images have been published on Avatar's official Twitter

account, showing the impressive world of Na'vi. Among other things, you can see

representatives of the Na'vi people flying around on insect-like animals, riding through the

water on the necks of dinosaur-like creatures, or watching the sunset on a steep slope. All in

all very pretty pictures, which will hardly be seen in the movies, since they are only concept

pictures so far.

It will be exciting to see how star director James Cameron will implement his story in the

four sequels he has announced so far. On the actors' side, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana

are two familiar faces, while Kate Winslet, a new and especially world-famous actress, is

joining the cast.

If the already planned sequels Avatar 2 and 3 will achieve the necessary box office results,

Avatar 4 and 5 will follow. After all, Cameron has expanded his story to a total of five parts

and according to his own statement, he has already completed the concept.

The cinema release of Avatar 2 is on December 17th, 2021, while the third part is supposed

to be released on December 22th, 2023. Whether and how things will continue then, will

mainly depend on how the Avatar brand will be received by viewers after so many years.

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