Final Destination: "No Way Home" Director Jon Watts Produces New Part

The last installment was released nearly ten years ago

by Pierre Lorenz on January 12, 2022

Most people are familiar with the "Final Destination" movie series. Especially in the 2000s, the brutal and sometimes somewhat trashy films enjoyed great popularity. The fifth and last part was released in 2011, more than ten years ago. Now the ball seems to be set rolling for a new installment, as The Hollywood Reporter reveals that "No Way Home" director Jon Watts is taking over production of the upcoming blockbuster. As we have known since the beginning of 2021, another "Final Destination" part has been in the planning for quite some time and now it has also become known that it will not be released in theaters, but exclusively on HBO Max. The previous plans of screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been completely scrapped, and instead Watts came up with his own idea, which will be implemented by new writers Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick. Instead of being a true sequel, this will be more of a reboot. No further information has leaked out yet, but we are excited for a new "Final Destination" movie after many years. 

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