Zack Snyder Acquires the Rights to a New "300" Sequel

Snyder's "Rebel Moon" will be available on Netflix from December 22

by Jonas Reichel on December 5, 2023

Will we be able to watch the final part of the "300" saga after all? If director Zack Snyder has his way, at least, as he has now regained the rights to "Blood and Ashes".

With the extremely bloody "300", Snyder created a movie that is still very popular to this day. Almost 8 years later, a sequel was made with "300: Rise of an Empire", for which Snyder only worked as a producer. In the years that followed, the director devoted himself mostly to the superhero genre. Nevertheless, he continued to write a "300" sequel at the same time, which was to be called "Blood and Ashes".

"Blood and Ashes" is about the love relationship between Alexander the Great and his general Hephaestion. According to Snyder, the movie was intended to be something between a love story and a visually stunning war epic. However, after the break-up with Warner, the project was put on hold for a while as Snyder lost the rights to his own work.

However, it now seems that we might get to see the movie after all. As Snyder revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he was able to regain the rights and is now looking to realize the project elsewhere. Snyder is confident:

"I don't know what the marketplace is for an incredibly homoerotic, super violent, super sexual movie. But maybe it's perfect."

We can easily imagine that the film could be made in collaboration with Netflix. After all, the streaming service and Synder have already teamed up successfully for "Army of the Dead" and the science fiction two-part film "Rebel Moon". So the chances of another "300" movie are not bad at all.

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