How to Train Your Dragon: DreamWorks Plans Live Action Adaptation

There's already a release date!

by Pierre Lorenz on February 16, 2023

Nobody probably expected this at the moment: There will be a new "How to Train Your Dragon" movie in just about two years' time. In contrast to the popular animated franchise, however, there will be a decisive change. The movie will be shot entirely in live-action format and thus diverges from the previous three features. It was announced that Dean DeBlois will be devoting himself to the project as director and screenwriter. The 52-year-old has directed every "How to Train Your Dragon" installment so far, making him the right choice for fans of the franchise. Still, it should be noted that DeBlois' last live-action movie was quite some time ago. 16 years to be exact, and that was a documentary about the band Sigur Rós.

In terms of story, the upcoming film is supposed to be a remake. The animated film series continues to stand on its own and is not directly related to it, although the protagonist Hiccup will certainly be the main focus again. Whether those responsible will be successful with their live-action film, is something we'll be able to find out in barely two years. "How to Train Your Dragon" is scheduled to hit theaters on March 14, 2025.

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