Cocaine Bear 2 Has Good Chances

Part 1 was an unexpected hit

by Jonas Reichel on August 2, 2023

Cocaine plus bear equals success: "Cocaine Bear" was a true surprise hit earlier this year. Director Elizabeth Banks has now expressed her views on a possible sequel to the horror comedy.

It's not much of a surprise that there's a lot of interest in a "Cocaine Bear 2"; after all, Part 1 grossed over $89 million, while it only cost $30 to $35 million to make.

Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Elizabeth Banks openly expressed her thoughts about a sequel: during the filming of "Cocaine Bear" she was already thinking about another part and how hooked she would be by the thought of exploring this world further. She affirmed that she would like to amaze the audience again. Fun was the focus during the whole project and in the end it was passed on to the audience.

"Cocaine Bear" is loosely based on the story of a black bear that got a hold of almost $15 million worth of cocaine and then started terrorizing people in a forest. Safe to say, the actually absurd premise alone was enough to draw a lot of people to the movies. So what would await us in a sequel: More animals? More drugs? We are very curious to find out!

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