Jamie Lee Curtis in "One Piece" Season 2

The second season of the Netflix hit has already been confirmed

by Jonas Reichel on October 12, 2023

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Kureha in the second season of "One Piece"? According to co-showrunner Matt Owens at least, who has already spoken out positively about the possibility of casting the actress.

The first season of "One Piece" was a phenomenal success for Netflix. In season 2, additionally to the already familiar characters, some new characters should be joining the cast, including Tony Chopper and Dr. Kureha. According to initial information, a suitable actress already seems to have been found for the latter: We're talking about "Halloween" star Jamie Lee Curtis.

In an interview with Deadline Matt Owens explained that they are currently working on giving Jamie Lee Curtis the role. The actress had shortly before communicated to have absolutely interest in playing the character.

Whether or not the role will ultimately go to her, will depend on the current course of the actors' strike. However, Owens has already announced that the 64-year-old actress will definitely be cast in the project somehow.

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