After over 16 years: "John Wick" director reveals production of "Matrix 4"

The Wachowski siblings will also be returning

by Pierre Lorenz on May 10, 2019

John Wick director Chad Stahelski chatted a few days ago during a John Wick promo tour

and announced that the Wachowski sisters are currently working on a fourth part of the

Matrix trilogy.

This may come as a surprise, after all the last Matrix part was released in 2003. During an

interview with Yahoo he said: I'm super happy that the Wachowskis are not just doing a

'Matrix,' but they're expanding what we all loved.

He also adds that he himself is curious to participate in the project.

However, the upcoming film is not intended to be a remake, but to tell a completely new

story from the Matrix universe.

Furthermore, the original actor Keanu Reeves says that if the Wachowski sisters take over

the direction again, he would like to take on a role in the new film as well.

Fans of the three previous parts can therefore look forward to a new film of the cult series in

the future, which will not only be featured with familiar faces in front of but also behind the

camera. Unfortunately, more detailed information about the release date is not yet


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