Goodbye Warner: Christopher Nolan Shoots Megablockbuster for Universal

The film is said to deal with the origins of the atomic bomb

by Pierre Lorenz on September 15, 2021

Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. can look back on a very successful working relationship. Having started in 2002 with "Insomnia", the star director has created long-running hits such as "The Dark Knight", "Interstellar", "Inception" and more recently "Tenet", which many viewers found rather mediocre, however. After almost 20 years, it is now time to call it quits. The reason behind this is both simple and trivial: Like many actors, the director is bothered with the release practices of Warner's streaming service HBO Max. Since the publisher has released all blockbusters of 2021 not only in theaters but also on HBO Max at the same time, many of those involved missed out on a large part of their income. The big winner in this strategy is solely Warner itself, which is why many have harshly criticized the company's behavior in the past. 

So much for the context, though what are Nolan's plans now at Universal? Reportedly, the next project is a movie about a rather touchy subject, namely the development of the atomic bomb. It centers on the American scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer, who was in charge of the infamous Manhattan Project. Universal is said to have invested a hefty 100 million US dollars in the movie, which is why Nolan has chosen this film industry giant this time around. Allegedly, Sony and MGM were among the other contenders. However, they apparently weren't willing to put up that kind of money. Further details regarding the film are not yet known. Shooting of the still untitled project is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

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