First Official Images of the Fallout Series

The series will be available on April 12, 2024

by Tom Hartig on November 29, 2023

The first official images of the Fallout series have finally been published! Vanity Fair shows the first impressions of the eagerly awaited game adaptation and one thing becomes clear: the look has fortunately been based heavily on the games.

The story begins in the year 2296, which is 219 years after a devastating nuclear war that has turned the USA into a nuclear wasteland. Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, hardly knows anything about it. She has spent the rest of her life in an underground bunker. At her side is her father and overseer Hank, played by Kyle MacLachlan. Sooner or later, however, Lucy has to come to the outside world for a rescue mission and finds a world full of mutants and other bizarre characters.

In the images, we see, for example, the Brotherhood of Steel with their power armor and mighty airships. One of their members is the squire Maximus, played by Aaron Morten. He is another main character in the story.

Hardly recognizable is "The Hateful Eight" star Walton Goggins, who plays a disfigured ghoul who seems to have stepped straight out of a western. According to the makers, he is supposed to be the opposite of Lucy - a tragic character who has already seen everything in life.

Lucy, who has grown up sheltered, is soon confronted with a number of harsh realities that put her honorable moral values to the test. Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy are in charge of the hopefully convincing story. The brother of star director Christopher Nolan has already co-written movies such as "The Prestige", "The Dark Night" and "Interstellar". The couple were also behind the series "Westworld". For "Fallout", they worked closely with Bethesda, the creators of the games. Therefore, despite all the psychological profundity and apocalyptic mood, the well-known black humor will not be neglected.

Chances are good that the first teaser trailer for the "Fallout" series will be released very soon. As always, you'll be able to find it here first! The series will be released on Amazon Prime Video on April 12, 2024.

Image of Fallout (2024) Series Preview

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