New images: "Luca" makes you long for summer

The Pixar adventure is to be set on the French Riviera

by Pierre Lorenz on January 20, 2021

Pixar's latest film "Luca" is set to hit theaters in June. The first images, which were released a few days ago, are definitely looking pretty fancy and get you quite excited about summer. Content-wise, "Luca" is about a little boy who is about to have a long summer full of beaches, ice cream and pasta. Naturally, he doesn't enjoy it all alone, as he is with his new best friend Alberto. However, the two share a big secret, as they actually come from a faraway underwater world and are in fact quite unattractive sea monsters as soon as they enter the water. On land, however, they are indistinguishable from normal humans. And so they try to make friends with human girls over the summer. Whether this succeeds so easily is of course doubtful. In any case, we are eager to see the next coming-of-age film produced by Pixar.

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