Knives Out 2: Two Marvel Stars Have Been Cast

The sequel slowly takes shape

by Pierre Lorenz on May 12, 2021

The popular US crime comedy "Knives out" was released in September 2019 and convinced fans and critics alike. In line with Netflix's announcement that they are planning two sequels, the first newcomers were also introduced a few days ago. We can already tell you one thing: Marvel fans will definitely get their money's worth! One of them is still in the current squad of the MCU, and it is no other than Dave Bautista. But the 52-year-old Drax actor is not the only top-class addition for "Knives Out 2", as "Fight Club" and ex-Hulk actor Edward Norton is also part of the team. Naturally, the cast also includes a few familiar faces, which is why Daniel Craig will once again be playing master detective Benoit Blanc. Whether other stars who appeared in the original will be back is not yet clear, but in view of the new storyline, an appearance by Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas or Chris Evans is rather unlikely. Instead, we can look forward to an entirely unexpected appearance, because rumors have recently begun to circulate about the casting of Janelle Monáe. Judging by the Hollywood Reporter, the 35-year-old is in the midst of talks and will take on a role that is still unknown. Hopefully, director Rian Johnson will be able to create a similarly fantastic production behind the camera as he did with the previous film. After all, filming is scheduled to begin this summer in Greece. A release date for "Knives Out 2" as well as for "Knives Out 3" is still pending.

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