Netflix: How the streaming provider sugarcoats its statistics

The self published statistics do not seem credible

by Pierre Lorenz on December 27, 2019

The turn of the year is traditionally always a good occasion for a look back. Netflix thought the same thing and published a list of the most popular movies and series we are supposed to have watched most often during the past year. However But please note that the lists differ from country to country. In the USA, the series Murder Mystery is in first place. The silver medal goes to the action blockbuster 6 Underground, while the third part of Haus des Geldes is also third on the list. Also in the top 10 among others included are , Triple Frontier, the incredibles 2, the witcher, and the mafia epic The Irishman.

But the statistics seem to be pretty far-fetched. The only basis of assessment is whether the viewer has watched the first two minutes of the film or series in the first 28 days. So sometimes it doesn't matter if the movies or series are captivating. Since some of the films and series are not even 28 days old, the statistics so far are probably extrapolated. Netflix seems to be pushing its own original productions up the rankings. Also not included in the statistics are so-called sleepers, i.e. movies or series that take a certain amount of time to reach the audience, only then generate views and are therefore not directly successful. The bottom line is that the published Top 10 lists of Netflix are not representative. For a Top 10 list that is based on facts, we believe that the total generated watchtime is an absolute must, which has unfortunately been completely left out of the equation.

If you take a look at the reporting of online platforms for film news, it is also noticeable that hardly anyone seems to question these statistics - what a pity.

The bottom line is that these statistics are unfortunately nothing but eyewash. In any case, what we're interested in are your real favorites from 2019, so feel free to add them to the commentsection below!

Image of Mark Hamill in The Witcher Season 2?, Deadpool 3, WandaVision