Sony: The Film Giant Enters Into Cooperation With Netflix

From 2022, Netflix will then become home to many Sony movies

by Pierre Lorenz on April 10, 2021

This recent piece of news has not only caught the attention of film enthusiasts: Sony has negotiated a license agreement with Netflix and will not be releasing its films on one of its own streaming services in the future, opting instead to release them exclusively on Netflix. The agreement is expected to last several years and will enable Netflix customers to watch big movies like "Spider-Man", "Morbius", "Venom" and others at no extra charge. A parallel release in theaters and streaming is not intended, however, so we are only talking about releases after the official theatrical release. As a general rule, the film is first released in movie theaters, then in home theaters, and only then on streaming providers. Assuming the same scenario for this deal, users will therefore be able to watch their movie on Netflix just about nine months after the theatrical release. Sadly, subscribers who aren't from the US are currently being left out, because so far the deal is only valid there. That doesn't mean the same plan won't be applied in other countries, too, but at this point we can only speculate. 

We are eager to see whether Sony and Netflix's plan will work out and look forward to the planned start of the cooperation at the beginning of next year. 

Image of Fast & Furious x Jurassic World, Hotel Transylvania 4, Top Gun 2, Indiana Jones 5