Known for "Ice Age" & Co.: Disney closes Blue Sky Studios

One reason given for this is the COVID-19 pandemic

by Pierre Lorenz on February 10, 2021

A few days ago, Disney announced to close down the once very successful Blue Sky Studios. Known for animated films like "Ice Age," "Horton hears a Who!" and "Rio", the studio once brought its parent company billions in revenue, but now things are to come to an end. As Deadline magazine reports, the ongoing pandemic has made it no longer profitable for Disney to keep the studio in business. Quite tragic, not only for nostalgics and fans of the "Ice Age" films, but above all for the nearly 450 employees who will be without a job as of April. For Disney, this is presumably not a bad decision, since the parent company still has two animation studios at its disposal. However, it remains unclear how projects that have already been started will be dealt with, as for example an "Ice Age" series for Disney+ as well as the movie "Nimona" about a young shape-shifter had been planned - while the latter is being cancelled, the "Ice Age" series could still be tackled by a different studio. Nevertheless, Disney should not lack new content due to the closure of the studio, since Disney+ can hardly keep up with the number of new projects at the moment.

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