"Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania": Theatrical Release Has Been Postponed

One reason may also be the approaching Halloween

by Pierre Lorenz on June 19, 2021

Soon the "Hotel Transylvania" movie series will come to an end, as the fourth and final part is slowly approaching. Although, as of a few days ago, this is no longer quite accurate, since the responsible parties officially reported that the movie will not be released at the end of July, but rather in October. In regards to content, you can be prepared for a crazy farewell, with the main characters Dracula, Jonathan, Frankenstein and Wayne still having an exciting adventure ahead of them. Due to the Monsterfication Ray, Dracula and the rest turn into humans whereas Johnny turns into a monster. The former monsters don't seem to like their new human state that much, which is why they search all over the world to find a cure. Whether they manage to return to their old strength or whether Dracula must continue to live on as an ordinary mortal is something you will be able to find out in theaters starting October 1, 2021. 

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