Fallout: Popular game series gets its own Amazon series

Responsible are the two "Westworld" writers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan

by Pierre Lorenz on February 23, 2022

In the gaming world, "Fallout" has been a household name for almost 25 years. Now the franchise could also manage to conquer the hearts of fans in a series. So far nothing new, but after many months of uncertainty, we finally know the first actor signed on for the Amazon project. The talk is of "Django" and "The Hateful 8" actor Walton Goggins, who is to play one of the yet unnamed main characters. The series will be produced in collaboration between Amazon and game developer Bethesda and written by "Westworld" writers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. It is also Nolan who will direct the pilot episode of "Fallout", while Geneva Robertson-Dworet will serve as showrunner. In terms of content, the "Fallout" games are primarily about a post-apocalyptic world in which you as the protagonist have to achieve your individual goals depending on the story. In the latest installment, "Fallout 4", for example, you play a character in the year 2287 who is searching for her son and has to go on an odyssey. In an earlier installment – "Fallout: New Vegas" – the plot revolves around a courier who, in search of a stolen platinum chip, gets to know various factions of the so-called wasteland and experiences all sorts of wacky things. The mixture of black humor, a crazy game world and a multitude of iconic characters could thus be excellently transferred to a series, even though the expectations of the gaming community are often rather low when it comes to game adaptions. Nevertheless, we are still eagerly awaiting news about Amazon's "Fallout" series, which unfortunately does not have an official release date yet. 

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