Dungeons & Dragons: Paramount Secures Series Adaptation

The associated feature film "Honor Among Thieves" will have its release this March

by Pierre Lorenz on January 11, 2023

The pen-and-paper game "Dungeons & Dragons" has inspired many generations of enthusiastic fantasy role-players all over the world. Thanks to unlimited creative possibilities, players can customize each playthrough according to their own wishes, which is what makes "Dungeons & Dragons" so appealing. On the other hand, there are considerably fewer fans when it comes to the movies that have been released so far. Particularly the movie from 2001 has stuck in the minds of fans, and not in a good way. The reactions were all the more mixed when a new feature film was first announced many years ago. In the meantime, though, the hype can no longer be ignored, which is surely also due to the high-profile actors involved in the project.

As of this week, it has become known that it won't stop at a feature film. According to Deadline, the film with Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez is only the start of a larger franchise. Paramount is said to be working with Hasbro's production studio eOne on a live-action series for "Dungeons & Dragons", which will then be released exclusively on Paramount+. Sadly, there's no information yet on whether the upcoming film and series will be related in terms of story; after all, there are theoretically thousands upon thousands of ways to adapt the role-playing game as a series. The pilot episode is directed and produced by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The "Red Notice" director has also been working on a movie adaptation of Ubisoft's third-person shooter "The Division" since 2021, so he should be pretty busy at the moment. Before that, however, we can look forward to the "Dungeons & Dragons" movie, which is scheduled for release on March 31 this year.

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