New film could bring Tom Cruise into space

This is what a high-ranking employee of the NASA says!

by Pierre Lorenz on May 4, 2020

Action-packed shooting has always been a trademark of Tom Cruise. As has now become known , his latest project will be even more spectacular than all his other films put together. As NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced on Twitter, the space agency and the actor will work together on the realization of a space movie in the future. However, this is not to be done via CGI as in other space movies like "Gravity", but Cruise actually wants to be the first feature film team ever to shoot the film hundreds of kilometers above our heads on the ISS. The whole project should be a win-win situation for both sides. On the one hand for NASA, which has already announced that it wants to use the ISS commercially in the future, and on the other hand for Tom Cruise, of course, who should certainly have no problem with empty movie theatres with this world first. Cruise is supposed to be in contact with Elon Musk's project SpaceX, but to what extent they are also involved in the shooting is as little known as the content of the film. However, according to our information it's not supposed to be a new "Mission Impossible" part. Whether Tom Cruise, who is known for his reckless shooting, will also be on camera on board the ISS is not yet known.

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