Gen V: "The Boys" Spin-Off Finally Has a Title

The cast has been revealed as well

by Pierre Lorenz on July 18, 2022

The planned "The Boys" spin-off has been the talk of the town for a few weeks now. After the launch of the long-awaited third season, it is all the more fitting that the official title of the upcoming series has now been revealed. The spin-off will be called "Gen V", whereas previously everything pointed to the title "Varsity". "Generation V" refers to the drug Compound V, which lends the superheroes their powers. As you can tell from the synopsis, "Gen V" is taking place at Vought International's superhero college, which is the only one of its kind in the US. Moreover, the series is said to be R-rated and will test the physical, sexual and moral limits of the college supes. Together, they are to compete for the best deals in the top cities. The R-rating in particular is great news, as it also puts the spin-off on par with the main series, which likewise received the infamous R-rating. On the other hand, it would also be rather reckless if they were to dial it down a notch in terms of violence and humor. After all, that's exactly what makes "The Boys" stand out. A further clue from those responsible also gives a direct idea of the direction in which "Gen V" is heading, for the atmosphere is supposed to be like a hybrid of "The Hunger Games" and a college series. 

In the course of the series, we can also hope for a meeting of the college supes with the superheroes from the main series. The crossover was recently confirmed by producer Eric Kripke in an interview with Deadline. So far, the young actors Patrick Schwarzenegger, Marco Pigossi, Lizze Broadway and London Thor have joined the cast, to name a few.

We are definitely interested in the new series and look forward to more information about "Gen V". 

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