First Information on the Sequel "The King's Man 2: The Traitor King"

Initially, the prequel was intended to be a series

by Jonas Reichel on October 17, 2023

Update on the King's Man: With the prequel "The King's Man", released in 2021, director Matthew Vaughn introduced us to the origins of the popular agent organization. Now a second part will follow, which will focus on Hitler's rise to power.

With "Kingsman: The Secret Service", director Matthew Vaughn released one of the most popular movies of the year in 2014, which not only turned out to be a worldwide success, but also marked the start of a new franchise. Then, we were treated to "The King's Man", a prequel starring Ralph Fiennes, which dealt with the backstory of the agent organization. Although the movie was not a great financial success, Vaughn seems to still have faith in the potential of his franchise and now announced a sequel during the New York Comic Con. In an interview with Collider, he reported that the next part will deal with the rise of Hitler, who already made an appearance in the mid-credits scene of the predecessor. The latter is played by the German actor David Kross.

Vaughn wanted the movie to be a reminder of the dangers of fascism and drew parallels to the present day, saying:

"I look at the world at the moment, everyone getting distracted and worrying about this and that and if you worry too much about this, bad things can happen here."

While the director obviously has many creative ideas for the next chapter of his action franchise up his sleeve, it remains unclear for now whether "The Traitor King" will be produced as a feature film or as a TV series.

So fans of Vaughn should get their money's worth in the next few years, since after all, with "Kingsman 3" and the reboot of "Kick-Ass", two more projects have been announced that are already being eagerly awaited.

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