The Backrooms: The YouTube Horror Series Gets a Feature Film

Creator of the series is a 17-year-old short film director

by Pierre Lorenz on February 9, 2023

In 2019, the spooky story "The Backrooms" spread on the popular imageboard site 4chan. It all began with a request for disturbing images with an even more disturbing story, to which a user responded with a slightly tilted photograph. On it, you can see an empty hallway in yellow. Another user then came up with a story to go with the picture, posting that this was the Backrooms, that it reeked of wet carpet, the fluorescent lights hummed ceaselessly, and the walls were painted yellow. By now, the hype around the creepy stories was born and the phenomenon quickly spread to more platforms like Reddit, Twitter and others.

In early 2022, the trend finally made its way onto YouTube and became known to an even larger audience thanks to the then 16-year-old hobby director Kane Parsons. This was followed by extremely positive reviews from various sources, and even many movie sites were interested in the young YouTuber's project and were amazed by the age of the young director and his high-quality videos.

In the meantime, Hollywood has also caught wind of the project of the now 17-year-old and, as Deadline reports, a genuine feature film is to be made with Parsons' involvement. Studio A24, which is well-known within the genre, is in charge of the production and has brought the modern horror classics "Hereditary" and "Midsommar" to the big screen, for example. "Conjuring" director James Wan is also involved as a producer. So the conditions are ideal for the success of the original amateur project. Despite his age, Parsons is directing the film himself, which should please fans of the YouTube series and is certainly a dream come true for him.

An official release date has not been announced just yet, but we will keep you up to date as always.

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