Reinvention of " Pirates of the Caribbean": Margot Robbie replaces Johnny Depp!

The film is already in progress

by Pierre Lorenz on June 28, 2020

I guess nobody expected that: Disney is hiring Margot Robbie for a "Pirates of the Caribbean" spin-off. Many fans were surprised by this announcement - and not only in a positive sense, because it also means that Captain Jack Sparrow, with his humorous and unpredictable nature, will not be the center of attention in this film. The movie with the Harley-Quinn actress is supposed to be released in addition to "Pirates of the Caribbean 6" and is apparently about female pirates. The main character played by Robbie is the pirate Redd, whose trademark is bright red hair.

The first time she really came into contact with life as a privateer was on the Black Pearl and from that point on she started to sail on her own.

Many fans criticize the planned film, because Captain Jack Sparrow was THE main reason for many fans of the film series to watch the movies. Others see it differently and are looking forward to the fresh wind that will blow through the somewhat sleepy franchise.

In any case, one can't deny that Johnny Depp is a very polarizing figure and that Disney, which is very concerned about its family-friendly image, wants to take a little distance from him. Therefore, it's also unclear whether Depp even appears in the sixth part of " Pirates of the Caribbean".

What do you think about the whole thing? Do you give Margot Robbie a chance as pirate Redd or do you rather believe that "Pirates of the Caribbean" is boring without Johnny Depp? Feel free to write it in the comments!

Image of Margot Robbie in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6