Saw 10: The Tenth Movie of the Series Has a Release Date

Someone makes a comeback

by Pierre Lorenz on August 17, 2022

When the extremely inexpensive "Saw", which cost $1.2 million to produce, was released almost 18 years ago, no one expected that a tenth part of the series would one day be released. We have known more about it for a few months, though, because "Saw 10" is indeed in the works. Kevin Greutert is to direct the film, which would be the third time he directs a "Saw" movie since he is one of the "Saw" greats behind the scenes. 

Not much is known about the contents yet, but the return of Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell is considered certain after rumors had been circulating for quite some time already. This also means that the film will not be a sequel, but rather a prequel, as Jigsaw already died in the third film. The last movie "Spiral: From the Book of Saw" had two top-class main actors with comedian Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, but failed to win over the audience overall and became the financially weakest film in the series. In fact, Tobin Bell did not play a part in this film and only appears in one photo, which is the reason why it is now hoped that his return to the camera will bring about the great revival of the movie series. The script was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, both of whom have been writing scripts for the "Saw" franchise for quite some time. Some sources claim that "Saw 10" will take place shortly before "Saw 3" and hence just before Jigsaw's death, but this has not been officially confirmed yet. But at least the official release date was announced a few days ago and that is planned for October 27, 2023. 

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