Gundam: Legendary Reveals First Concept Art

The live-action film adaptation has been in the works for several years

by Pierre Lorenz on November 11, 2021

Up to now, fans of the science fiction universe "Gundam" have had to be satisfied with only a little information about the planned live-action film adaptation. Although it is assumed that the adaptation from Legendary will be very similar to the original series, more details are still being kept under wraps. At least there is a first promising photo to admire: The concept art shows one of the many robots that are controlled by humans and play a major role in the science fiction story. In the TV series, humanity has long since left for outer space, where various colonies have been formed. Eventually, war breaks out with the Earth. The initial image whets the appetite for more, even though it is not entirely clear when "Gundam" will be released. In any case, it has been decided that the movie will not be shown in theaters; it will only be available via video on demand.

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