Superman: Michael B. Jordan to Produce New Miniseries

J. J. Abrams' "Superman" movie is also being finalized alongside this

by Pierre Lorenz on July 25, 2021

Much to the disappointment of many fans, Henry Cavill will not be taking on the role of Superman anytime soon. After fans have long waited for a direct sequel to "Man of Steel", it was announced this year that J. J. Abrams is instead working on a "Superman" film that will be the first to focus on a black main character. As a result, we will have to say goodbye to both Clark Kent and Henry Cavill for the time being. Instead, Calvin Ellis, who has been known in the comics for quite some time, will take on the helm. It has been known for a few days that this is apparently not limited to just one movie. Collider reports that a "Superman" miniseries will soon be produced by "Black Panther" star Michael B. Jordan himself. The script is said to be already in the works and will feature the character Val-Zod as the protagonist. The Superman successor is still fairly new to the franchise and made his debut in DC's "Earth 2" comics in 2014. Of course, Val-Zod has all the abilities of a real superhero, so he is superhumanly strong, fast and enduring. In addition to his infrared and x-ray vision, he has another rather impressive superpower: using his breath alone, he is able to unleash a hurricane. As one of the last Kryptonians, Val-Zod is more than worthy to follow in Superman's footsteps. 

Unfortunately, neither the miniseries nor the film adaptation have a set release date yet.

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